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Must-Have Tools For Beginner Auto Mechanics

A good mechanic knows the basic rules of mechanics. An experienced mechanic, on the other hand, has the equipment necessary to ensure the regular maintenance of his car or motorcycle. Both of them, therefore, need to take stock of the essential tools for mechanics.

The work that you will consider carrying out on a car representing interventions on a fairly expensive good. And for the tools that you will use very frequently, do not save unnecessarily, but choose robust material which will make you a long use. As a general rule, the use of tools without ever exceeding their normal field of use, and careful maintenance, allow them to be kept for decades. Store them away from humidity and corrosive products and take the time to wipe them after each use.

Basic tools

First of all the workshop of an automobile handyman must be equipped with a panoply of standard tools also useful.workshop of an automobile


The basis of any mechanic’s tool, flat, socket or pipe, eye wrenches must cover at least the range of common dimensions, from 8 to 19 mm.

  • A set of combination wrenches (ring/flat/ pipe) will remain as basic equipment of the vehicle kit.
  • A set of ratchet socket wrenches is a wise investment for the discerning do-it-yourselfer, as this tool often saves a lot of time, especially for work in places that are difficult to access.
  • To deal with multi pan socket head screws you also need a set of Allen keys.

Provide a key storage panel and discipline yourself to always put them back in when you have finished a job. A workshop must include at least two sets of keys: a series of open-end wrenches (flat wrenches) or combination fork/ring, and a series of pipe wrenches or a set of socket wrenches. If you plan to work on transmissions and rockets, equip yourself with a few large open-end wrenches.

The torque wrench

The torque wrench is quickly essential when undertaking somewhat serious mechanical work. It is necessary when we want to obtain a precise tightening torque, corresponding to the stresses that the organ will have to undergo.

Presented in a box with or without sockets, a torque wrench is a precise tool that fears shocks and dust. There are several models of torque wrenches, the most practical of which is the rotary handle adjustment, incorporating a declutching system when the torque is reached.

Variable opening wrenches and pliers

The kit must always include at least one adjustable wrench and pliers or universal pliers.

Also, the wrench must be provided in the basic equipment of the workshop, for interventions on large parts, as well as universal pliers. Also, provide handy pliers for a host of small jobs. However, only use the universal and multiple pliers with care when loosening or tightening the nuts, the sides of which may damage them.good mechanic knows the basic rules of mechanics

Impact tools and screwdrivers

The hammer is essential for any mechanic. In fact, we should talk about “hammers”: a small and a solid mechanic’s hammers, a mallet made of hardwood, rubber or soft metal (copper). The impact screwdriver should be also included to loosen certain screws tightened to high torque.

You can’t do any repair without a variety of screwdrivers. There are screwdrivers in different sizes, but also in different shapes to match the different screw imprints, you will encounter: straight slot or cruciform imprint (Pozifriv, Philips, Torx, etc.). Today, screwdrivers and screwdrivers are offered with a full range of screwdriver bits in different profiles and that would not be confused in the variety of screwdrivers, it will be useful to read materials, for example, a tool reviews blog, that will help with choosing the right tool for one or another purpose.

Inverter generator

Inverter generators are a great option for those who want a portable, convenient power source. The best 3000 watt inverter generator is perfect for powering up small appliances and tools in emergencies or when the power goes out. Inverters convert DC current to AC, and generators produce DC current that can be converted to AC by an inverter. The voltage coming from a generator is typically lower than what you get from the grid, so an inverter may need to be used when operating sensitive equipment like computers or refrigerators. Inverters can also power lights and other appliances without any trouble at all!

Vise pliers and clamps

It is an essential item in every workshop. They tighten, then lock the parts together thanks to a system ensuring the permanent spacing of the branches.

Important elements of the workshop are also more complex but indispensable tools.

Electrician’s tools

Provide a set of magneto keys, small flat keys (3 to 8 mm) for working on the electrical circuit, as well as a crimping tool for lugs fitted with a stripping jaw.

Riveting tools

When fitting body accessories, you will most likely use a grommet wrench and / or a pop rivet tool kit.


Of course, the sander must be in the workshop of the handyman.

Cutting tools are also required for body repair and equipment work. Of course, the hacksaw is part of the basic tool. Add a hand shear for sheets. An angle grinder can be used to cut important lines in a body. But we then fall into works generally requiring thereafter welding operations.


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