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How to make use of the tool to remove the screw without the help of a screwdriver


How to make use of the tool to remove the screw without the help of a screwdriver

You will need a screwdriver when something breaks down or if something is got loose to tight that you will need the screwdriver.

If you are planning to hand a photo in the wall and to hang them you will have to drill some screws in it, for that you will need a screwdriver which will make the screw to hold to the wall firmly without any shake.

When you are being in a situation where you do not have the screwdriver you can make use of some other sharp tools. There is a variety of tools that you can use if you don’t have a tiny screwdriver.


The coin is said to be the best tool that you can get from wherever the place you are. You need not buy a coin by giving money you can instead use the coin to lose or to tight the screw.

You can make use of the coins to remove the larger screw with the small screw you cannot remove them with the help of the coin because the edges of the coin will be slightly blunt and you will feel difficult to fix them accurately to the gap.

remove the screw


The knife is also said to be the best choice. This can be used to remove the screw because they have sharp ends when being compared to the coins.

The quality of the knife should be best because If you have the local product they there is a chance for the knife to get broken. In some of the cases, the knife may get bent so that you will not complete the work which you think to do.


If you do not have any tool left at home, you can make use of this toothbrush. At the end of the toothbrush, you will have to melt them with the help of the lighter.

After the plastic is being melted make them hold to the screw and then allow them to get cool for some time and then after some time you can rotate them to tight or loose the screw. By this method, you can unscrew a small screw without a screwdriver.

Bottom line:

These types of tools can be in use instead of a small screwdriver. This will show your creativity out and you have made use of these tools in the right way so that the result of it will be perfect.



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