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Is it good to use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun?

Is it good to use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun?

Heat gun in the vehicle is used to shrink the wrappings which are being spread over the region in the vehicle. You can even make use of a hair dryer instead of heat gun to shirk the wrappings.

A heat gun is something that can emit hot air with the temperature ranging from 100 degrees to 700 degrees.

There are many models available in the heat gun; the variations in the heat gun can be detected by the help of the airflow from the gun and the range of temperature they give out. You can even weld the plastic with the help of this heat gun they can melt the plastic substances and will provide you the best result which you require.

It is not that the entire heat gun will produce high temperatures only the professional guns will provide you a high temperature.

The hairdryer will have the least heat emission when being compared to the heat gun. The heat gun can be used only in shrinking the wrappings and they are also mainly used to remove the paints.

For some of the applications, you can make use of the hairdryer instead of the heat gun.

With the help of the hairdryer, you can remove the wax or you may even remove the sticker but you cannot remove the paint from the vehicle because that will require a high amount of temperature.

When you are using both of them you can easily find the difference between a hair dryer and a heat gun.

When you use the hairdryer with high temperature to shrink the wrapping they will shrink the material partially. The result of using a hairdryer will not be that good when being compared to the heat gun and also they will take a long period to complete the work.

The hairdryer will play only a small role from the heat gun it can only act as a substitute and cannot play the complete role that the heat gun does. You can use the hairdryer as an optional in the emergency case.

Final thoughts:

These are the slight difference between hair dryer vs. heat gun which plays a major role in shrinking the wrappings. You have to perform them in the right way so that the result of it will come out in a good way. Make use of the instrument by following the instructions provided above and travel according to it.


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