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How to connect wires without soldering?

How to connect wires without soldering?

If you are having a wire with you and you are planning to join them without soldering it is possible to make them happen. This can be possible when you are locked up in a place with your car or when your vehicle suddenly stops at a place on the highway.

In general, there will be electrical supply provided for the vehicle. When you are soldering the wires it will take a little bit of time but even if it takes a lot of time they will have the capacity to withstand for a long period. By this method you can connect wires without soldering, to know about the complete details you can continue reading.

To connect both the wires you will need some of the materials.

  • Wires which is for joining
  • Iron or a lighter for shrinking

connect wires


At the first step you need to take two wires and you have to strip them back and join both of them together. You can even join wires without a soldering iron also.

On the one side of the wire you need to insert the heat shrink this can be done before you start to strip the wires. If you shrink the wire without adding the heat shrink, then your process will be stopped.

Then you have to attach both the wires and fold them each other by facing themselves. After you fold them you can find the extra wires floating you have to wrap those wires without any peeping.

The next step is you have to place the heat shrink which is added on one side of the wire on the top of the joints. Make sure that you have placed them in the central region.

Now you have to shrink the heat shrink. Finally, you can test their capacity by making them hold a heavy substance. By this, you can find the result of how much capacity the wire has and also you can use them for any sort of purpose.

At the final stage, you can use them in any area without having any fear. By this method, you can make use of the procedure to attach wires to a circuit board without soldering and make use of their working.

Bottom line:

This type of wiring can be done easily and they can be done in your home itself. To know about the procedure of it you can make use of this article and make your work get completed simply.



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